Fire Safety Engineering

Performance-based fire engineering for new buildings

At Innova Services Australia, we’re committed to providing performance-based fire engineering solutions that use innovative thinking to achieve your design goals — whether that’s in function or aesthetics. Our experienced team of engineers will find answers to complex building problems, ensuring all of your objectives are met.

You’ll team up with one of our directors who will run you through the project, consulting with you and answering any questions you have. Our team of fire safety engineers will work on the ground to make sure your plans can be brought to life.

We find innovative solutions to make your designs work

It’s very difficult to achieve a unique, functional, and aesthetic design that’s compliant with fire safety requirements using prescriptive code. If you’re thinking and designing outside of the box, you need a fire safety engineer who’ll do the same.

Our team takes an innovative approach to find creative solutions so we can ensure safety in your building.

We're here for you and your team

Depending on the complexity of your building, there’s going to be a lot of back and forth between our team, your team and any external stakeholders like certifiers and local fire brigades. 

You need a team that’s here for you, that’s communicative, and reliable. We’re always communicative with you and we become an extension of your team so we can work together to ensure we’re ticking those compliance boxes as we go.

As we receive feedback from these external stakeholders, our team will work efficiently so you can get your team on-site sooner.

Why choose Innova Services Australia for your
Fire Safety Engineering?

We make it work

When you’re designing new, pioneering buildings, you need someone willing to make it work. At Innova Services Australia, we love the new and we’re here to make it compliant. Simple. 

Every project is priority

We never delegate “small” projects to juniors. Each project we take on is a priority, is assigned to one of our directors and receives the attention it deserves. 

We communicate with you

From ongoing updates to someone who gets back to you — you’ll appreciate our  communication and responsiveness.

The Support You Need

You’ll partner with one of our directors who will become your main point of contact. You can rely on them for advice and guidance as your project progresses.

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You can get started by booking an obligation-free discussion.
We’ll discuss your fire safety needs and create a plan to move forward.